My name is Penelope and I give Homeworx USA 5 star rating. They went beyond my expectations and helped me with my out of state move. Rikke was my leasing agent and she’s absolutely awesome. I had a few bumps in the road and they helped me through everything.. From front desk staff to my leasing agent to accounting all 5 stars! Highly recommended for all real estate needs!

Penelope Garbis (Google Review 12/6/2018)

Hayden and Alison were incredibly friendly and helpful. They made our experience so stress free! I would recommend them to anyone!

Theresa Anoatubby (Google Review 2/12/2019)

Worked with Worx for 7 years. Very fast, responsive, and capable of resolving both my own concerns or tenant complaints. Very pleased. Even where something went sideways, Worx made it right with the parties. They even assisted in the sale of our home and inspection updates to close. Thank you.

Paul Ross (Google Review 11/13/2018)

Homeworx has been very helpful in managing my rental property. While there have been surprises from AC and garage door issues, they’ve been accessible and expedient in removing the problem while keeping reasonable cost at the forefront. Chasity has become my go-to as her follow-up is impeccable and the updates she provides are relevant, actionable and value-added. Property management is easy to come by. Good property management….not so much. Homeworx is an example of what you want. Subjective, partner-based, cost effective and human.

Samuel Richards (Google Review 3/7/2019)

Great people, great experience! The whole team is excellent and communicate effectively and MAKE sure you know everything regarding the process of becoming a landlord. JR is top notch and has responded timely to all my questions. Lauren, has done an unbelievable job with the marketing of our property, made it look so classy and helped us get renters in faster than we could have ever imagined. Stefani, is as good as it gets as well and she has really done great things with the showings and really helping to sell how good our property is to possible tenants. Overall the team is great and if you are wanting to become a landlord and have them manage your property, this is the place to come to!!

Landon Dean (Google Review 3/14/2019)

I would leave 10 starts if I could! The staff at Worx Property Management are extremely efficient and very easy to work with. They have the approval process down to a fine art! I highly recommend! Special thanks to Alison and Hayden!

Shannon Holt (Google Review 2/28/2019)

The maintenance Department is always on top of ensuring that all the issues in the home are taken care of in a timely manner! They are troopers available 24/7 by phone or By the company Website. My family finds comfort knowing that our emergency needs will always be taken care of! Thanks Andrea, Amber and Terri!

Sharon Brown (Google Review 10/23/2018)

Worx Property Management has found a wonderful family to lease my home. Easy to work with, good communication including accurate analysis of the current Market in your area. I will continue to use them!

Kathy Hoffman (Google Review 11/29/2018)

These people are amazing. They found the perfect home for me and have been just a phone call away with unbelievable speed at fixing any situation I’ve had in the last three years I’ve lived here. Top notch amazing company and people.

Brett Rice (Google Review 8/24/2017)

These ladies are definitely dedicated to what they do! They work tirelessly to meet your needs and are true professionals. Thanks ladies!

Heather Angle (Google Review 11/29/2018)

I want to start by saying that I rented with Homeworx for three (3) years. They were professional for every bit of those three years. I didn’t have an issue with any maintenance request I had made and the staff would always take my phone call and/or call me back in a reasonable amount of time. If air filters or inspections needed to be made by an owner I would get ample notice and they would work with me if I wanted to be there and couldn’t. My wife and I recently bought a new home and I didn’t require the need of a rental house anymore. The move-out process was very easy and the inspection was done in the amount of time they said it would be completed in. The main reason I wanted to write this review, however, is what happened after all of this. My wife and I received a copy of the move-out inspection and accounting for a security deposit and what was owed. I had a question on a few of the items. The items that were easily identifiable were fixed very quickly. The part that really made me impressed, however, was the time Amanda took to investigate some of the other issues that I had. It required going back into maintenance records and contacting the owners for over five (5) years of past maintenance records. It would have been really easy for Amanda and the rest of Homeworx to simply tell me to go away and pay a bill and that’s the way it was. Amanda and Terri didn’t do that, however. They took the time to go back through these records and re-calculate what was owed. So thank you Amanda, Terri and the rest of the Homeworx team. While I don’t need Homeworx for rental services, I will recommend you to anyone else who does.

Michael Mosca (Google Review 10/22/2019)

HomeWorx is amazing. I have chosen them to manage my rental property now that I live out of state this past year, and as this is my first property I could not have made a better choice. The whole staff is like family. If anything is wrong with house, they have a team that can triage and get specialists out there to fix. Living out of state I really appreciate that. Recently, they were able to find new tenants to rent with our house being on market for only 2 days. It’s a great feeling to know I can trust them to manage everything to the same quality that I would myself. I would highly recommend their services, and looking forward to working together for years to come.

Seth Norcutt (Google Review 1/1/2020)

HomeWorx has done an amazing job managing my properties for the past 7yrs. They have excelled at getting good tenants and keeping them happy. Any Maintenece [sic] issues are taken care of promptly and affordability. It’s really allowed me to relax and not have to worry knowing they are handling everything for me. If you have rental property and are tired of the hassle this is the company for you….

Matt Randall (Google Review 2/25/2020)